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              Reunion  May 2004                   Coronado CA     Photos     by  Doc Riojas

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June 01, 2002                  Hi Doc,        

  I wanted to let you know the picture came out great . Do you have any of Rudy at the reunion if so send some . or any others you took.

     Tks Joe Riehl

The May 05, 2002 Reunion at Little Creek VA was a total success. Our sincerest Thank You to the commitee that set it up. Doc Stone & "Art", Doc Clark, Skip Provasnick, Bob Rieve, Tom Hawkins,  Joe Kennedy, A. Dee Clark, Berny DIggs, Hank Holder, Chris Seger,  and others whose names escape me.


Thank You Very Much Joesph "Doc" D'Angelo

for your donation of three plaques to the Fraternal Order of UWSS Key West Fl.

We hope you liked the tee shirts and the caps that we mailed you.

We really thank you for helping us out and we hope you will join us for this Y2K reunion in Panana Beach FL.

Emails to F.O.UWSS

My name is Paul Payne. I also graduated from UWSS on 3 Sept. 1971.

Have spoke to a Mr. Driscoll once and had a letter from him. Did not get to
make it to the reunion.

Can you send me e-mail updates about next reunion and tee shirt and cap

I was stationed aboard the USS Cutlass (SS-478) at the time there in Key
West. remember the 'Moat' well!
Also remember all those pine-covered hills we had to run over!!
I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, and my dad retired from The Naval Ordnance Lab
and Test Facilities(NOLTF) there in Fort Lauderdale. He was also the crane
operator on the A.B. Wood II who pulled up Edward Lin'ks mini-sub when it
got hung up off Key West.

Still have my card signed by P.M. Badger and C.L. Allen.
Also have the plague I bought the day of graduation.

Other than the day my son and daughter was born, that was the proudest day
of my life.
I still have the class roster.

Nice to find a site for UWSS!



Chief Riojas,

Roger, will be there to address the Fraternity. Will do on your other request. Here's my first cut: Shelley will be with me. Regards, Ron Yeaw Thank you Captain Yeaw. LouLou, my wife (and C.O.) has gotten about six raffle gifts for the Saturday Bash. Do not shit can your entrance tickets as there will be a drawing for the door prizes. Any other suggestions, or commands, will be cheefully carried out. Erasmo "Doc" Riojas your old SEAL Swim Buddy!

4/28/200 phone call from Joe Kruppa. He will be there with his three sons. One of them is on the Way to the US Naval Academy! Congratulations Joe and sons! wow! great going guys! tu amigo doc rio

Don:  I'm forwarding your question to a former UnWatSwmSchool grad.

Also, he was a member of SEAL Team TWO..  Names Erasmo Riojas. He can answer your question.  I did not attend that school.  I grad'd from UDTR class 07, Aug. 1951.  There wasn't a Swim School back then, and the UDT's conducted their own school.  Hope this helps.  Doc, Help this old Chief out ! !   Resp.  Hoot

----- Original Message -----



Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 2:43 PM


thx hoot,,,question...the combat underwater swimmers school...where did the
cadre wear the patch on their fatigues???thx don,,,im sure its from the 60's
when they did..

Greetings from A.Dee Clark Tell the guys on the Fraternal Order of the UWSS KeyWest We will be there to hear their sea stories. Here is my new e-mail address. Would appreciate a response just to confirm your receipt of same. Regards Dee

HI Me amigo i sent you a email while you were away for the reunion i forgot
that you were goin to the UWS,renion did not get an answer yet. I stopped by and had diner with Larry Bailey and his wife. we stoped by and saw MR.Williams He lives in DC. also,I gues all of us old
timers are having prob with legs and backs. wonder why,did you and BO stop
off and see Dusty and Robby, well say helo to your lovely wife for me, ill be intouch with you
later. later my friend David E. Hyde outtttttttt " Keep on Trucking" "Big Bird", thank you, I'll see Dusty Rhodes because he is putting a layout table of sandwiches at this pub for us. come by if you are driving your 18 wheeler our way. I'll pay your $50.00 if you don't have the money. love you bro tu amigo doc rio your old UWSS instructor. Hey, your're supposed to stop by Pearland and let me drive your rig!

letter from Clayton Grady Jr. 4/19/20000 Hey Doc Rio, Margaret and I are looking forward to seeing a lot of the old frfiends. We noticed a lot of familiar names on your email list. Enclosed is our check. We already have reservations at St. Andrews State Park. Always is fun to do a little camping. See all of you in May.

Clay. Thank you very much "Doc" Clay ( he is a Registered Nurse). we all looking forward to yours and Margaret's company. Bring Video Camera!!! tu amigo rio

Buenes Dias:
One Medium, One Large Tee Shirt, and hat size eight. I hope you all have a great time. We may get to
see you at one of the other happings. Enclosed is $150 bucks for stamps, and the Tee shirts and hats.
I tried swede tornblom at   but I keep getting it back as
undeliverable they say they will keep on trying for 5 days, does'nt work. Any more info.

"DOC Leg" Martin & Nancy, "Sweet Thing" Thank you Doc Martin, The shirts and hats will be mailed to you. Look in the package for a letter and your change. did you get ahold of the swede? You are a great guy, and thanks a million for the bucks! tu swim buddy, erasmo riojas aka Doc Rio



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